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One day, whilst installing a new washing machine, in the kitchen, an adjacent kitchen cabinet door was ripped from the carcass during the fitting.

After conversations with the manufacturer and attempting to follow their recommendations it became clear that their solution to the problem (a new carcass and cabinet door manufactured by a third party) was impractical, expensive, time-consuming and ultimately… it would not provide a like for like replacement or a cosmetic match.

After much research of alternative solutions, it was concluded that they would not be suitable. They were outdated in their engineering, not accommodating modern design specifications or materials for cabinets and they not only provided a poor mechanical fit but also weren't attractive or matched in colour.

So, we set about solving these problems, resulting in the GIDGIT® brackets. These new brackets can be colour matched and use modern euro screws, similar to those fitted to most flat-pack furniture today, making them easy to install using the existing hinges in their original location and providing a proper mechanical fit.

The Gidgit® Cabinet Hinge Repair Kits for concelaed Hinges are sold world-wide.

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