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Damaged Screw Holes

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For Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Cabinets

Cabinet Hinge Repair Kit

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Cabinet Hinge Repair Kit

Our CabinetHinge Repair Kit is designed to repair the interiors of cabinets commonly found in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Offices, Garages and even Boats.


The Kit is designed to fit the most commonly made ∅26-35mm cabinet hinges and allows you to re-hang the existing door, when the existing cabinet carcass is damaged, saving you great frustration and considerable expense.

It can be used by homeowners, the construction industry, social housing contractors, salvage companies, kitchen manufacturers and refurbisher's to mention just a few.

Search around the internet and you’ll typically find a solution that has been around for years. The “Metal Plate” has been used to make repairs to Cabinets without consideration for the change in hinge dimensions, location in the carcass or the different qualities of MDF/Chip/Particleboard used by different manufacturers.

The metal plate and concealed are often supplied with only the cheapest Wood Screws to fix the plate and the hinge to the cabinet carcass. However, Wood Screws are tapered, have an aggressive thread and rip into the carcass causing damage on installation.

Some companies, such as BLUMM® and IKEA®, have moved to a better-engineered solution using Euro/Cabinet Screws which we supply with our kit, making for a better mechanical bond between the carcass, bracket and hinge.

The Gidgit™ brackets are designed for ease of installation using a simple but proven, modern engineering technique.

Watch our video for instructions and to see how easy they are to install.

What People Say

What People Say


Very pleased does what it says just the job

Awesome bit of kit.

straightforward purchase and the product did exactly what it said on the packet Brilliant idea


Great thing, this repair kit. Super fast delivered, unpacked and then installed according to instructions. After 20 minutes, everything was done and the loose kitchen cupboard door was again bombproof. Really recommended.


Recommended by...


These things are AMAZING!!!


installed the hardware today, it works amazingly! Super easy. This stuff needs to be in every contractors hands


Great hidden hinge repair kit! None of the building supply stores, or hardware stores have anything like this, works as advertised. I highly recommend this product! Prompt shipping & delivery.

How to Video

Please note… we only use the Yellow brackets seen in the video for illustration purposes!

To make this video, we used a standard kitchen cabinet from B&Q.

Click here to download Instructions in other languages.


The OLD Metal Plate

1. Not all cabinets are pre-drilled in the same location so with the metal plate you are forced to use their hole centres.

2. Again, Not all cabinets are pre-drilled in the same location and with the metal plate, you have no flexibility of where to place new screws.

3. Wood screws are not the correct solution for Chip/Particle Board and will just further damage the carcass.

The NEW Gidgit™ Bracket
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1. Our brackets allow you to move and place the bracket based on the original location of the hinge.

2. Our NEW Design bracket allows you to adjust the distance between even if the hinge has not been centred, by simply splitting the bracket in two.

3. We supply modern Euro/Cabinet Screws as used by most modern manufacturers including IKEA® for a proper mechanical fit.

How to Video


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Where to Buy

Where to Buy

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